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Beer & Art

Our love for art has deep roots; here at the Ritual Lab art is everywhere, hanging on a wall, inside a tank...
The contamination between the world of beer and our love for art (especially contemporary) was immediate.
Our brewing research and the creation of new recipes are in close contact with the seeking out of new artists:
Artists, sculptors, performers, ready to work together to become part of our versatile reality.
This is how the “Beer and Art” project begins. Each beer corresponds to an original work designed specifically for the brewery collection.
Each label has a soul, a story and is strongly linked to the product it embodies.

Pierluigi Bellacci

Born in 1948 in Arezzo, Pierluigi Bellacci studied at the “Academia delle belle arti” in Rome(1970-1973).
He soon achieved success thanks to the numerous exhibitions in the major artistic cities such as Paris, Milan and Athens.
He collaborated with the great art dealer Iolase with the important Kiron Gallery.
His art has changed over the years with the same level of his personal growth, initially characterized by strong symbolic power then transformed into a blend of art; figurative and abstract.
Poetry is an integral part of his work, his are profound creations amongst the visible and the invisible, between the spiritual and the material, art characterized by figures and forms, from intimate and elegant shapes that flow freely.

Robert Figlia

Robert Figlia worked as a tattoo artist for almost 20 years, but it is not enough for him.
To define him simply as a “tattooist” is certainly reductive.
His training background is that of a comic strip artist to which follows a long experience in various studios in the capital.
In 2009 he opens his Studio in Black at Pigneto in via Fortebraccio 18.
Do not expect the usual tattoo shop, but a small art and design workshop in which some of his works are exhibited.
In fact, tattoos are not the only expressive medium that Robert uses:
figurative art, photography, and street art mingle to create a style that is difficult to place but extraordinarily original and unique.


Fernando Hernández Arboleda, meglio conosciuto con lo pseudonimo di Koctel, nasce a Granada, Spagna, nel 1989, attualmente vive e lavora tra Madrid e Shanghai (Cina), nuova città di adozione. Koctel disegna il suo mondo, ispirato dagli odori e dai sapori che ama. Attraverso il suo lavoro che ama definire ‘Pop Surrealista’ l’artista vuole trasportarci in un’atmosfera satura di colori tra il tropicale ed il tiki, passando per la cultura cinese che ammira molto. I suoi personaggi sono frutti che acquisiscono umanità e diventano i protagonisti delle sue tele, i colori pieni e fluo danno un incredibile forza e positività a tutto il suo lavoro. Ha dipinto in mezzo mondo enormi pareti riscontrando sempre pareri entusiasti.