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Anno cruciale per la storia di Ritual.
Il birrificio si rinnova totalmente.
Decidiamo di affidarci all’azienda Easybraw Velo per la costruzione della nostra nuova sala cottura da 25 HL totalmente automatica.
Aumentano i volumi prodotti ed aumentano le novità tra cui l’apertura di nuovi mercati esteri,
il nord Europa primo tra tutti.
Il nostro head brewer Giovanni Faenza
all’esordio tra i Big si aggiudica la seconda posizione nella classifica dei migliori birrai italiani stagione 2018 durante l’evento “birraio dell’anno”
importante manifestazione organizzata da Fermento Birra nella splendida cornice di Firenze.


Il 2018 si apre con una grande soddisfazione:
Il 22 gennaio il nostro head brewer Giovanni Faenza vince il titolo di miglior birraio emergente italiano della stagione 2017… cheers!!

L’anno prosegue con novità e gratificazioni per tutto il team Ritual soprattutto per quanto riguarda le collaborazioni con birrifici di fama mondiale tra cui:
Dry & Bitter da cui nasce la “Head Space”.
North brewing per la “mango strawberry sour”
E la “Tangie” nata da una collaborazione a 6 mani con i grandi Oxbow e Jester King.
Nel frattempo i nostri furgoni arancioni macinano chilometri su e giù per l’Italia e non solo……..

Bob e Valerio on the Road


The “Ritual Lab On the Road” project was created - Reality more unique than rare in Italy! With the goal of delivering directly from the brewery in all of Italy in record time and with maniacal attention towards the transport temperature. This due to our refrigerated vans we can finally propose our beer in the most difficult areas in our peninsula, in every season maintaining a high profile of our product.

The fermentation canteen has reached150 HL monthly!


Recognitions, competitions won, invitations to national and international events the fermentation canteen doubles reaching 100HL. The Ritual family becomes more and more numerous and the desire to brew something special and to break out of the mould is always stronger, so this is how the “Tupamaros” and the “Nerd Choice” came into being, two extreme beers balanced, fashionable but concrete, the apex of our production in terms of originality and above all as for hop!


A Turning point, together with lifetime friend Edoardo Ribeca, finally the decision is taken to open our own brewery in Formello in the province of Rome: 12hl plant, isobaric bottling machine, reverse osmosis system and total control of the waters, 50HL fermentation canteen everything we have always dreamed of.


The project works, our first beer gets appreciated and is increasingly in demand despite the particular and courageous choice to start with a low fermentation one, beer difficult to produce and above all to sell. So to complete the product line “Super Lemon Ale” and “La Bock” were added, two recipes that for some years now characterize the day after day characteristic of the Ritual Lab but that have not yet been proposed to the general public.


The recipes tested and retested are now finally ready for the market, the Ritual Lab from a training Laboratory becomes a downright research centre with the aim of creating new recipes intended for the Italian and International market. The common point, quality without any compromise.
Thus began the Beer Firm project with the first official production: the Ritual Pils.


The Ritual Lab, a small 100l plant, comes into being seen to in every aspect, for the purpose of training and experimentation in cooperation with the great Maddalozzo. In this period the drafts of our first recipes come about, which later will become our classics. Here the most disparate and varied experimentation takes place: spices, fruit, coffee, plants and roots; years of enjoyment and study. The passion grows greater and greater, and the “game” increasingly challenging.


Participating in a course organized by him on beer production We come into contact with Emilio Maddalozzo "the maestro”, fundamental figure in our history.

Great master brewer graduating from the prestigious Doemens of Monaco with more than a 40 year career of beer brewing and many, many hectolitres produced. Giovanni follows him day and night and he owes his beer brewing formation, his love for Germany and for the “clean” beers to him.


Roberto and Giovanni Faenza, father and son, one enthusiast of good wine and good food and the other, a meticulous and perfectionist sommelier, having met the “real beer” it is immediately love: courses, seminars, brewery visit, so begins a great passion towards a new world.